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Education - dr. JJL (Jeroen) Candel MA

Coordinates the courses 'Studying Public Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors', 'European Union Policies and Institutions', and 'Governance and Policy Change', and teaches in the course 'The Economics and Politics of European Integration: Agricultural, Trade and Foreign Policy Analysis'.

Regularly invited for internal and external lectures on food and agricultural policy.


PAP-21806 European Union Institutions and Policies
PAP-10806 Perspectives on Sustainability Transitions in Agriculture
PAP-20306 Studying Public Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors
CPT-57302 Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access
PAP-31806 The Politics of Healthy and Sustainable Food
PAP-80324 MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
ENP-39406 Transformative sustainability practices for systemic change