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Education - dr. JM (Jeroen) Schoorl

Lecturing at SGL mainly on the topics of Geology, Geomorphology and (Landscape Evolutin) Modelling


SGL-11303 Soil 1 (Part Geology)
SOQ-22803 Soil 2 (Part Soil Classification WRB)
SGL-80812 BSc Thesis Soil Water Atmosphere
SGL-33306 Geology and Landscapes of the World
SGL 31806 Field Training Land Science (Spain)
SLM-31806 Erosion Modelling
SGL-52306 The fourth Dimension
SGL 704 24-39 Internship Soil Geography and Landscape
SGL 804 24-39 Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape


SLM-31806 Erosion Processes and Modelling
SGL-79224 MSc Research Practice Soil Geography and Landscape
SGL-31806 Field Training Geosciences
SGL-33306 Geology, landscapes and soils of the World
SGL-33806 The 4th Dimension in Earth Sciences
SGL-79324 MSc Research Practice Soil Geography and Landscape