dr. JN (Joanne) Leerlooijer

dr. JN (Joanne) Leerlooijer

Education coordinator and lecturer

Joanne Leerlooijer is education coordinator and lecturer for the chair groups Strategic Communication (COM) and Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI). As education coordiantor she coordinates education, including thesis and internship supervision and in this position she is a linking pin between students, and CPT staff and study advisors.

As lecturer she coordinates and facilitates courses that relate to communication and intervention design, in health and other life sciences. She also supervises BSc/ MSc theses and internships.

Her expertise relates to the systematic planning, using Intervention Mapping, of (health promotion) interventions in the Netherlands and developing countries. Her PhD dissertation 'About goats, girls, boys and the bees; promoting adolescents' sexual and reproductive health and rights in Uganda, Indonesia and Thailand; an Intervention Mapping approach' (2013) was based on an community intervention aimed at empowerment of unmarried teenage mothers in rural Uganda, and various studies on comprehensive school-based sexuality education in Asia.

She is currently involved as advisor in the design of a coaching intervention aimed at antibiotics reduction in pig farming in the Netherlands.