KCM (Koen) Manusama MSc

KCM (Koen) Manusama MSc

Promovendus, Onderwijs-/Onderzoeksmedewerker

Koen Manusama is a PhD candidate at the department Nutrition and Disease at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

His research focuses on the relationship between fatigue and muscle quality in colorectal cancer survivors. Through a lifestyle intervention study, called the SoFIT study he will investigate this relationship together with another PhD candidate Judith ten Have under the supervision of Renate Winkels, PhD and Laura Winkesn, PhD A total of 180 colorectal cancer survivors will be included of which half will follow a 6-month lifestyle intervention that follows the lifestyle recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund/American Cancer Research Institute while the other half will function as the control group. The SoFiT study will mainly focus on increasing the nutritional and physical activity adherence to these recommendations in these colorectal cancer survivorsthrough  behavioural techniques in colaboration with Social Science.. Koen will use ultrasound to measure the muscle quality expressed in echo intensity values. The intervention started in February 2022 and is estimated to be completed with 2 years.

Koen studied Biology (BSc and MSc) at Wageningen University and worked for 2 years at the Human Research Unit of Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University as a clinical research assistant, where he gained experience on human trials.

Follow his work on: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Koen-Manusama