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Education - dr. M (Mattijs) Smits

  • Coordinator ENP-34306 - Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation 
  • Coordinator ENP-24803 - Social Theory of Environmental Issues 
  • Coordinator ESA-22303 - International Study Visits
  • Group supervisor ESA 20806 - Principles of Environmental Sciences
  • Supervisor of MSc theses and internships
  • Member of the Programme Committee BMW/MES/MUE


YSS-38206 Grand Challenges for the Governance of Sustainability Transformations
ENP-70224 MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-79224 MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
ENR-20306 Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy
YSS-81312 BSc Thesis Economics and Governance
ENP-79324 MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
ENP-70424 MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-80424 MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80436 MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-24803 Social-Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues
ENP-11303 Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems
ENP-81603 BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 1