R (Ronny) Rotbarth MSc

R (Ronny) Rotbarth MSc

Promovendus, PhD Student

2013 - 2017 BSc Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling, Scotland

2017 - 2019 MSc Forest and Nature Conservation (Ecology), Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

since 2019 PhD Candidate

Young researcher interested in forest resilience research, in particular boreal forests. I am studying the impact of climate change and perturbations on boreal forests. Specifically, I am interested in how boreal forests conditions change with climate change and to what extent boreal forests can recover from perturbations, such as droughts, fires, and insect outbreaks. 

I use both fieldwork (e.g. data on recovering trees and new tree seedlings or tree ring data) and remote sensing products from satellites or airplanes to answer my research questions.