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Projets - dr. S (Spyros) Paparrizos

ML-CLIMATE - iMproving cLimate information serviCes for sustainabLe agrIculture by integrating scientific and indigenous forecasts using Machine leArning TEchniques

(2022 - 2023) -


WATERAPPscale - upscaling and implementing WaterApps information services in Bangladesh, building on the WaterApp's knowledge base to increase the resilience of smallholder farmers (2021 - 2023) -


WAGRINNOVA - Co-innovations across scales to enhance sustainable intensification in water-managed agricultural systems in West Africa (2019 - 2022) -


RECSA - Climate Smart Agriculture for a resilient Bangladesh; promoting farmer-friendly Weather, Water and Climate Information Services to forecast plant diseases; engaging females in Information Services to enhance access and information (2020 - 2024) -


WaterApps - Water information services for sustainable food production in peri-urban delta areas in Ghana and Bangladesh (2016 - 2021) -