T (Tim) van Hattum T (Tim) van Hattum

Program Leader Green Climate Solutions

The World Economic Forum identified failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation as one of the risks with the largest expected impact on the global economy over the coming decades (WEF Global Risk Report, 2020). Climate change will increase the risks for floods, droughts and heat waves with large impact worldwide. There is a need for innovative and integrated solutions for mitigation and adaptation. We offer climate services and evidence base for nature based solutions: Green Climate Solutions.

1) Climate Services: Visualized risks and opportunity assessments related to climate change for governments and businesses
2) Sustainable solutions for climate smart agriculture, climate resilient soils and forest conservation
3) Nature Based Climate Solutions for restoring biodiversity and climate mitigation and adaptation for urban and rural areas to create a climate neutral and resilient future

Let’s explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life together!