Article published in HESSD with Olda Rakovec as a co-author

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15 mars 2012

Liu, Y., Weerts, A. H., Clark, M., Hendricks Franssen, H.-J., Kumar, S., Moradkhani, H., Seo, D.-J., Schwanenberg, D., Smith, P., van Dijk, A. I. J. M., van Velzen, N., He, M., Lee, H., Noh, S. J., Rakovec, O., and Restrepo, P. (2012). Advancing data assimilation in operational hydrologic forecasting: progresses, challenges, and emerging opportunitiesHydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 9, 3415-3472, DOI: 10.5194/hessd-9-3415-2012