Grammar & Vocabulary 2 (online course)

In this course, you work with more complex English grammar and will expand your vocabulary so you can communicate more fluently, correctly and with greater nuance. This course is a continuation of Grammar & Vocabulary 1, but you can also take it on its own.

The course is taught entirely online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

Target group

Grammar en Vocabulary 2 is for anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Course level

B2-C1 (CEFR)

Course content

This course covers the more complex grammatical rules. The following components are covered:

In addition to grammar, a large and correct vocabulary is important for communicating clearly and with greater nuance.

This course shows you how best to learn new words, recognise new words and their meaning and how you can expand your vocabulary yourself. You create a personal dictionary of useful words to be used in a business context or your private life.

Admission requirements

Are you in possession of a certificate for Grammar & Vocabulary 1? Then you can immediately start with this course. Without a certificate, we ask you to go through the below steps.

To take this course you need to score at least 70 on the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT). You can apply for the online OOPT by emailing us at

What is the Oxford Online Placement Test?

Dates and times

Day Start date End date Time Status
Monday 20 September 6 December 11:00-12:30 hrs Fully booked

This course is offered annually in March and September.

If you would like to take this course but it is either full or does not list a starting date that suits you, please click here and you will be notified once you can sign up for new dates.

Number of meeting

10 online sessions of 1.5 hours per week.


2 hours per week.

Course materials

After having registered for this course, you will receive additional information about the course materials in due time.


You will receive a certificate from Wageningen in’to Languages if you attend at least 80% of the lessons.


WUR employees € 555,-
Regular fee € 650,-

The course price does not include course material.

Consult our General Terms and Conditions for more information.