Internship / thesis opportunity: Contribution to the 4th Global Biodiversity Outlook

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10 janvier 2013

PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, has room for some trainees and master students to contribute to the GBO4, the 4th Global Biodiversity Outlook.

The secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (GBO4) is requested to provide a mid-term evaluation of policies towards the 2020 Biodiversity targets, the so-called Aichi targets. PBL has been invited to contribute to the GBO4 by 1) providing a synthesis of forward looking biodiversity assessments; 2) organising a series of international workshops to evaluate national biodiversity policy plans; and 3) Build and analyse new global biodiversity policy scenarios, targeted at relevant economic sectors, such as agriculture, forestry, water management and fisheries.

There is room for some trainees and master students to contribute to this project, especially the third part on scenario analyses. Topics may very between literature studies on effects of biodiversity policies; the possibilities of different, biodiversity friendly, management options for a specific sector;  and the consequences of severe climate scenarios (over 4 degrees temperature change) for biodiversity policies.

The project will run from January 2013 to end 2014.

At: PBL-Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

You may contact Rob Alkemade ( or for more information.