Online course Plant Breeding


Online course Plant Breeding

Are you looking for more theoretical background on plant breeding? This online course includes five modules, both basic, more complex breeding and selection methods, new technological developments, and underlying biological concepts. Online learning offers you a flexible learning process and the possibility to compose your own course. It is ideal for professionals and enables them to study the lecture material at their own pace and place.

This online course has been developed by experts from Wageningen University & Research. The modules have been successfully followed by a broad audience from more than twenty different countries and are well-rated.

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You can register for any combination of modules with or without exam*
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Why follow this online course?

The complete online course plant breeding provides you with a concise overview of basic principles of plant selection and principles associated with:

  • genetic markers
  • linkage mapping
  • QTL-analysis
  • resistance against pathogens
  • F1 hybrids
  • mutation breeding

For whom is this course?

Professionals in plant breeding and related companies and research institutes.

Programme and topics per module

The study material consists of built-in text and figures, supported by interactive self-tests to check the acquired knowledge.
The online course Plant Breeding consists of the following modules:

  • Principles of plant breeding (M1) =1.0 ECTS
  • Marker-assisted selection (M2) =2.0 ECTS
  • Resistance to biotic factors (M3) =0.2 ECTS
  • F1 hybrids (M4) =1.0 ECTS
  • Mutation Breeding (M5) =1.0 ECTS

The ECTS for the individual modules differ. 1.0 ECTS equals ca. 28 study hours.

More information on the covered topics can be downloaded:

*Optional: exam and certificate

Each module can be completed by doing a written exam at Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. This is optional. Per examination date one or multiple exams can be taken. After completing the exam successfully, a certificate with the relevant study credits (ECTS) is issued. The certificate is designed for a business environment and gives no immediate rights to apply towards a formal degree programme on a university. On a personal base exemptions can be made by academic institutions.

Supervisory lecturer

The supervisor is Dr. ir. J. C. (Jan-Kees) Goud, Wageningen University & Research, Plant Breeding.

More information & registration

You can register for the online course Plant Breeding or download the flyer. Questions? Contact the programme manager Monique Tulp-Jansen.

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