Project: NEMATODEFENCE: a novel HTP marker platform to obtain broad spectrum nematode resistance in potato

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11 novembre 2013

Potato is one of the world’s most important food crops and seriously threatened by major pests like cyst and root-knot nematodes, microscopic roundworms that feed on the roots.

Nematode control highly depends on resistant varieties due to the recent ban on nematicides. However, resistance-breaking nematode populations are an emerging problem in potato growing areas. So, there is an urgent demand for new sources of nematode resistance. Only a limited number of nematode resistance traits is known, which are often based on multiple genes. The aim of the public-private collaborative project NEMATODEFENCE is to develop a high-throughput (HTP) platform for marker assisted selection (MAS) of complex resistance loci using Next Generation Sequencing technology to breed for new potato varieties with broad-spectrum nematode resistance.