Project Smart Inspectors is taking off

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2 avril 2012

Starting from the first of March two groups of Wageningen University will start to use unmanned planes and helicopters to monitor and investigate the state of the environment.

The Laboratory for Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing (GRS) and the  group of Land Degradation and Development (LDD) are involved in the project ‘Smart Aerial Rest Rigs with Infrared Spectrometers and Radar’ (SMART INSPECTORS), funded by the INTERREG IVA program Deutschland-Nederland. The project is aiming at the development of a remote sensing infrastructure using state-of-the-art sensors on Unmanned Aerial Platforms (UAP) for environmental applications (e.g., precision agriculture, habitat monitoring, erosion control). Within the project, research organizations (Hochschule Kleve, Wageningen University, Landwirtschaftszentrum Haus Riswick) and companies (BLGG Research,, IMST) are cooperating to bring fundamental research to operational applications. The Wageningen University groups will be responsible for processing of the acquired images to products like nitrogen status of crops and soil organic matter relevant for farmers and nature managers.

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