René van der Duim new Chairman of the Board ATLAS

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8 octobre 2012

René van der Duim has been appointed as coordinator of ATLAS, the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education. As member of the Board he has been actively involved in the last 10 years in ATLAS Africa, one of the chapters of ATLAS. In Africa he co-organized six international conferences and co-edited 7 conference proceedings.

Now he will take over the coordinatorship of ATLAS and will be Chairman of the Board for the next 3 years. The Association for Tourism and Leisure Education was established in 1991 to develop transnational educational initiatives in tourism and leisure. ATLAS provides a forum to promote staff and student exchange, transnational research and to facilitate curriculum and professional development.

ATLAS is represented at regional and local level by sections such as ATLAS Europe, ATLAS Asia-Pacific and ATLAS Africa. ATLAS Europe was founded in 1991, and still attracts the bulk of ATLAS members. Other sections are growing rapidly, however. ATLAS Asia-Pacific, established in 1997, currently has 70 members. ATLAS Asia-Pacific has staged conferences in Indonesia and China, Japan and New Zealand. ATLAS Africa was launched in 1998 and held its inaugural conference in 2000 in Mombasa Kenya and since then in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. ATLAS Africa currently has 34 members. At the moment initiatives are taken to develop ATLAS Americas. The regional sections of ATLAS have developed their own programme of activities and publications to respond more closely to the specific needs of members located in these regions and those with related research interests. Membership of ATLAS regional associations and special interest sections of ATLAS is open to all ATLAS members.

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