Significant sea level rise predicted

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26 juin 2012

Currently, New York is faced with floods once every hundred years. But in two centuries the flooding of Manhattan might occur as frequent as three times a year.

Even if proper climate action is taken, sea levels will probably rise by 2.7 meters between now and the year 2300. This is what climate scientists - including Wageningen UR scientists - calculated and published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change on June 24, 2012.

"Because of the long period it takes for the large quantities of ice and water to respond to global warming, our current CO2 emission determines the sea water levels for centuries to come," said lead author of the study Michiel Schaeffer of Wageningen University and of the German Institute for Climate Analytics.


Michiel Schaeffer, William Hare, Stefan Rahmstorf and Martin Vermeer, Long-term sea-level rise implied by 1.5°C and 2°C warming levels, Nature Climate Change, online 24/06/2012.