Students Wageningen University win IFLA-price

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9 mai 2011

At the yearly Student Design Competition, organised by the International Federation of Landscape Architects, the project 'Vibrant Land' by two students of Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, received the 2nd prize (IFLA Zvi Miller Award) out of over 390 international entries


The project of Jorrit Noordhuizen and Inge Kersten provide for an active coast protection in North Carolina (USA) by applying the natural landscape dynamics. The students have built a structure from several modest wooden segments which influences the dune morphology. Key in this transformation process is a new public space typology that engages natural and human flows. A structure that is a fundamental element for rebuilding the dune morphology (natural flows, winter), that enables people to add their own program to it (temporal use, summer) and allows people to respond actively to the uncertainties of natural flows.

This plan anticipate on the uncertainties in the climate change and tries to enrich the perception of the local landscape types. The discoveries of the students can also be used in other countries. The design was part of the master thesis for the master study program Landscape Architecture & Spatial Planning of Wageningen University.

A quote of the announcement letter of IFLA: 'This project succeeds in proposing landscape to live in, rather than landscape to simply be consumed. It emphasises the process of remaking a more sustainable landscape for living, and a more attractive landscape for experiencing, notably considering this throughout the seasons. The use of the wooden structural element is variously concealed and revealed, resulting in subtle and variable landforms. The project includes the interesting notion of using sand, an element that is constantly shifting, but that is anchored around one element. Playful and functional at the same time. Graphics were very convincing and clear.'

The two master students of Wageningen University are alumni nowadays and they are invited to receive their price at the annual IFLA congress, which is in Zurich at the end of June 2011. They will receive their price within an official ceremony.


  • Vibrant Land shifting (urban) bounderies in coastal North Carolina (panel1) [6MB]
  • Vibrant Land shifting (urban) bounderies in coastal North Carolina (panel 2) [13MB]