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Saving wasted fish

Fish is an essential source of protein in Africa. The huge amounts of fish left to spoil in harbours because it cannot be preserved quickly enough is therefore a dreadful waste.

Researchers from Wageningen joined forces with industry in an EU project to develop a cheap, low-energy method of drying fish. The device dries the fish by blowing it with cool, very dry air, which ensures that the nutrients and quality are preserved. This fish, which would otherwise be wasted, is transported far into the inland areas of Africa where it is a welcome addition to people‚Äôs diets. Yet another way that Wageningen UR is helping to improve the quality of life.

Efficiently drying perishable food, such as fish, is a cheap way of saving proteins that would otherwise go to waste. In this case, after the fish has been caught. It also highlights the importance of logistics.
Paul Bartels

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