Dossier Handelsverdragen. Handelsakkoorden of handelsovereenkomsten zijn bindende afspraken die landen of internationale organisaties met elkaar afsluiten, zoals het nu actuele TIPP.


Brexit and Trade agreements

Trade agreements are binding agreements entered into by countries or international organisations, such as the TTIP currently being proposed.

The goal is to promote trade between participating countries or groups of countries. When earlier agreements are evaluated or new agreements made in the interim, it is necessary for purposes of the negotiations to know what effects certain decisions will have on the agro-food sector.

Wageningen University & Research and Wageningen Economic Research in particular provide detailed insight into the expected outcomes for the various sectors and food groups by calculating the effects of various scenarios. This makes it possible to make the best decision based on facts. Other examples are the EU-Morocco Association Agreement and the EU-Mercosur trade agreement.