The influence of phase II conjugation on the biological activity of flavonoids

Promovendus mr. K (Karsten) Beekmann
Promotor Peter prof.dr. PJ (Peter) van Bladeren
Copromotor dr L Actis Goretta
Organisatie Wageningen University, Division of Toxicology

wo 18 mei 2016 11:00 tot 12:30

Locatie Aula, gebouwnummer 362


Flavonoid consumption is often correlated with a wide range of health effects, such as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and diabetes. These effects are usually ascribed to the activity of the parent flavonoid aglycones, even though these forms of the flavonoids generally have a low systemic bioavailability. During uptake, flavonoids undergo extensive phase II metabolism and are present in the systemic circulation nearly exclusively as conjugated metabolites. The results obtained in the present thesis support the conclusion that circulating flavonoid conjugates may exert biological activities themselves, and that understanding these is a prerequisite to successfully elucidate the mechanisms of action behind the biological activities linked to flavonoid consumption.