The enrolment procedure

You can submit a request for registration in Studielink. The payment module will open after May 1. After you have completed the payment module in Studielink, Wageningen University will send you:

  • A payment agreement form 2017/2018 (if you have not chosen payment by 'digital authorisation')
  • A list of documents to be submitted, e.g.:

    • A certified copy of your school leaving certificate
    • A certified copy of your list of subjects and marks
    • A copy of your passport (or ID card)

The completed and signed payment agreement form (if applicable) and the required documents should be submitted to the Student Service Centre as soon as possible, but no later than August 31. When you fulfill all the enrolment requirements, you will be registered as a student at Wageningen University and you will receive a ‘Proof of Enrolment’.

PLEASE NOTE: Enrolment as a student at Wageningen University is only possible as of September 1, 2017. Enrolment as a student at any other time is only possible in exceptional cases and with permission of the Programme Director and the Head of the Student Service Centre.