Student information

Research Fee

For MSc students from Non European or EFTA countries a one time reservation of funds to cover research expenses during internship and/ or thesis is included in the overview of study expenses.

For students outside EU / EFTA

Research fees are not always paid for master students. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to receive research fees, please contact the Student Service Centre.

When you want to make use of the research fees you need to fill in the form "request payment of research fees".

Download the form, complete it, take it to your study advisor for approval and then sumbit it to the Student Service Centre in the FORUM.

NFP fellows

The Nuffic has a fixed amount for the cost of field research in a NFP country. This amount is mentioned in the Rules and Regulations of the NFP. Please note that these research fees are different to the one mentioned in the overview of study expenses and that the fees are only available when you do an internship and/ or thesis in a NFP country. After the third month of the internship/ thesis research in an NFP country the allowance will be adjusted to local standards.