Submitting a Request for Enrolment in Studielink

If you want to start with a Bachelor programme at Wageningen University, submit your request for enrolment via Studielink.

Studielink is the online portal on which you can arrange your enrolment at the Universities or Universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands.

Please visit the website of Studielink to apply for a Bachelor programme at Wageningen University.

  1. Start by applying for a studielink account (students who live in the Netherlands require DigiD to apply). Students who are not residing in the Netherlands can apply for a username and password.
  2. When you have received your login details you can proceed with entering your personal details.
  3. You then proceed with entering an enrollment application (select: new enrolment application).
  4. Students not living in the Netherlands should send a copy of their passport (or ID card) to Wageningen University for identification purposes.
  5. After May 16th a new task will appear on your 'My to do list' in Studielink: 'Enter your payment details'.
  6. After you have completed your application, you will receive:

    1. An email from Studielink informing you that your application has been sent to Wageningen University.
    2. A letter from Wageningen University with further information.

Please note

Registration via Studielink does not automatically mean that you have been admitted to the bachelor programme nor that you are registered as a student.

Entering your payment details

This task will appear in Studielink after May 16th. When you have received confirmation that you have been admitted to the bachelor programme you can complete this module by stating who will pay your tuition fee and how it will be paid. Please complete this module as soon as possible after May 16.

Please visit the website of Studielink for further information.