SG - Wageningen Students’ Lives During World War II

Journey back seventy six years in time in the shoes of your predecessors. How did students persevere during World War II amid the uncertainty, insecurity, and limitations to their freedom?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 11 mei 2021 19:30

Special Guest Presentations

Seventy six years after the end of World War II, Studium Generale presents new first-hand accounts of young students, like yourselves, who were studying in Wageningen and planning their futures when they were suddenly thrust into the mess of war. Hear how these students struggled with devilish dilemmas whether or not to sign a declaration of loyalty to the German occupiers and the consequences they faced thereafter. Bob Kernkamp (Wageningen City Archives) reconstructs the context of student life (based on Ceres, Unitas and KSV archives) and shares how the war impacted Wageningen and its inhabitants. Special guest speakers Ben Puylaert and André Lardinois tell their fathers’ stories. Dylan Lardinois reads excerpts from the letters and diaries of Wageningen students. Like his grandfather Pierre Lardinois (who would later become Dutch Minister of Agriculture and European Commissioner for Agriculture), they faithfully penned their daily realities whilst enduring forced labour inside the German war machine. With first degree eyewitness materials including unique photos inside labour camps, journey back in time in the shoes of your predecessors. What kept these students going and how did they persevere amid the uncertainty, insecurity, and limitations to their freedom?

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Studium Generale welcomes you to this unique commemorative year activity which is going to be live in person in the Capitulation Hall of the historical setting of Hotel de Wereld, 5 Mei Plein in Wageningen. In the room where the liberation of the Netherlands was signed ending WWII for the Dutch, we hear stories of students - like yourselves - 75 years later.

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