Writing Skills

Great science writing skills are vital for any researcher. We can help you to focus your writing on the essence of your project, highlight its importance, and approach it from new angles. You’ll learn what kind of a writer you are, how to write alone as well as in groups and adopt a writing strategy that will guarantee success every time for any reader. We can help you out with the following skills and topics:

  • Academic writing
  • Effective writing strategies
  • Publish & blog
  • Writing groups & reviews
  • Coaching feedback & editing
  • Writing rebuttals

The following course takes place in February and September each year:

Speaking skills

Presenting your research can be quite a challenge! Knowing how to use language, voice, body and visuals to engage and convince your audience, will allow you to become a inspiring speaker. In order to take you to the next level, we will analyze your communication style and provide you with the right tools.

We can help you out with the following skills and topics:

  • Presenting research
  • Pitching & poster presentations
  • (Web)lecturing in English
  • Communicating with a lay audience
  • Media Training
  • Interviews
  • Branding & social media
  • Soft skills in academia
  • Diplomacy skills
  • Networking
  • Intercultural interactions