Admission requirements after finishing the MicroMasters

After successful completion of the MicroMasters programme Biobased Sciences for Sustainability, you can take your credential to the next level. You can apply for the on-campus master Biobased Sciences.

Master Biobased Sciences

The MSc Biobased Sciences focuses on the transition from a petrochemical to a biobased society. The programme includes multidisciplinary design of production chains including biomass production, bioconversion, biorefinery and societal, logistic and economic transition processes. 

MSc Biobased Sciences is a two year programme, equal to 120 ECTS. The courses the MicroMasters combined equal 24 ECTS.

The Master Biobased Sciences has three specializations:

  • Biobased Transition
  • Biorefinery and Conversion
  • Biomass Production and Carbon Capture

Students who wish to use their credits from the MicroMasters in the Master, can enter any specialisation, but the specialisation Biorefinery and Conversion is recommended.

Please check the study guide (Biobased Transition - at this moment named Biobased Technology, Biorefinery and Conversion - at this moment named Environmental and Biobased Biotechnology, Biomass Producation and Carbon Capture) to see all courses in the programme and to see the courses that overlap with the MicroMasters programme for each specialisation.

Specialisation Biorefinery and Conversion

The specialisation focuses on the processing steps, starting from biomass refinery up to the production of chemicals, biopolymers or renewable energy. Engineering is fully integrated with physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry and biology and product quality- and process requirements from the interested party/customer

Using credits from MicroMasters

In order to use the credits from the MicroMasters in your programme, you must have successfully completed all six MicroMasters courses and earned a verified certificate. Please upload all certificates together with your application.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements apply to all MSc study programmes at Wageningen University and depend on your personal background. Find out what applies to your situation on the page Admission requirements.

Apply for the MSc Biobased Sciences

There are different application procedures, depending on where you come from. Do you want to apply for the MSc Biobased Sciences? Please look on the page Apply for a Master Programme.

The MSc Biobased Sciences will start in September 2018 on condition of approval. Courses of the Master programme can already be taken in other Master programmes. Learn more about MSc Biobased Sciences.