Thesis subjects Animal Breeding and Genetics

Below you will find a table with potential subjects for your MSc-thesis Animal Breeding and Genetics. The subjects are ordered so that quantitative genetics are at the top, then subjects that are at the interface of quantitative genetics and genomics, then genomics subjects with emphasis on data analyses, and finally subjects that are more traditionally molecular genetics. Most genomics related subjects require bioinformatics skills.

These subjects are available. To prevent overload of supervisors, however, there is a limit to the number of students that can work on a thesis supervised by the same person simultaneously. This means that it is possible that the subject of your choice is not available at the moment that you would like to start. If you are interested in one of the subjects, please contact Dieuwertje Lont ( .

Thesis Subjects
Subject ects Supervision
Genetic parameters of racing performance of Arabian horses in the Netherlands 24/36 Bart Ducro/Ilse van Grevenhof
Maternal genetic effects in conformation and movement 36 Bart Ducro
Breeding program for genomics-based selection for better health in horses 24 Bart Ducro
Cryptorchic disorders in the Friesian stallions 24/36 Bart Ducro
Genetic diversity in the Saarloos Wolfhond
By selecting for higher mean in GIFT Nile tilapia do we also select for higher variability? 36 Jovana Marjanovic/ Piter Bijma/ Han Mulder
Unravelling the genetics behind coat colour in Groningen White Headed (GWH; Groninger Blaarkop) cattle 26 Mario Calus / Ina Hulsegge
GWAS for IgE (related to insect bite hypersensitivity) in horses 36 Anouk Schurink
Analysis of Genotype by Environment interaction in laying hens: the effect of beak trimming on egg production 36 Piter Bijma / Hendrix genetics
SNP association study to natural antibodies in chicken 36 Tom Berghof, Henk Bovenhuis, Jan van der Poel
Detection of hoof health disorders of lactating dairy cows based on infrared data of routinely recorded milk samples 36 Henk Bovenhuis / CRV
Maximising crossbred performance through purebred genomic selection 36 Hadi Esfandyari / Piter Bijma
Are differences in recombination heritable?? 36 Henk Bovenhuis / Piter Bijma
Breed for healthy cows using information on Nab’s 24/36 Britt de Klerk
Genomic selection for litter size variability 36 Han Mulder
Breeding values for feed intake in dairy cattle: how to use animals without DNA information? Roel Veerkamp, Yvette de Haas
Quantification of genetic variation in methane emission of dairy cows. 36 Marleen Visker
Testing the BayesH-procedure for Whole Genome Sequence Analysis (WGSA) using simulation 36 Henri Heuven
Influence of environmental and heritable factors on OC in the Dutch horse industry (sep 2014) 36 Ilse v Grevenhof
Genetic management and inbreeding restriction in the Dutch Toggenburger goat. 36 Jack Windig
Designing reconstruction of a breed from gene bank material. 36 Jack Windig
Recombination hotspot in genomic assisted mating 36 Roel Veerkamp
Estimating genetic parameters for direct and social genetic effects on plumage condition in crossbred laying hens 36 Esther Ellen
Estimating genetic parameters for direct and social genetic effects on body weight in crossbred laying hens 36 Esther Ellen
Analysing survival time of purebred laying hens using random regression when dividing the laying period in weekly intervals 36 Tessa Brinker/Esther Ellen
Genetic management of free roaming Aurochs 36 Jack Windig
Modelling of growth curves and defining a repeatable phenotype for coccidiosis tolerance 36 Cobb Europe / ..
Genomic breeding value for feed intake in dairy cattle 36 Roel Veerkamp/ Yvette de Haas
CVN analysis in different turkey breeds using 650k SNP genotypes 36 Richard Crooijmans
Detection of variation in allelic gene expression by means of RNA-seq 36 Ole Madsen
Estimation of de novo mutation rates using family-biased sequencing analysis 24/36 Ole Madsen
How to implement SNP with large effect into a breeding program 36 Hypor / …
Analysis of epigenetic control of gene expression in cognitive development in pigs 24/36 Kyle Schachtschneider / Ole Madsen
Topics for Genediffusion on beef cattle in France
Sus cebifrons (Visayan warty pig) de novo genome assembly, annotation, and transcriptome analysis for conservation genomics 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens / Ole Madsen
Effect of preselection on size in horses 24/36 Bart Ducro
Gene transcription in a transgenic swine cancer model (oncopig) (start after July 2014) 24 Kyle Schachtschneider / Ole Madsen
In silico predictions of risk of inbreeding depression in the endangered sus cebifrons (Visyan wary pig) from re-sequencing data of two zoo populations 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens / Ole Madsen
Winter moth genomics: studying the genome, variome, and transcriptome of a model species for response to climate change 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens / Sandra Smit (bioinf) / Marcel Visser (NIOO)
Yellowtail kingfish genomics: studying the genome and variome of a newly domesticated marine fish species 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens / Robbert Blonk / Dick de Ridder (bioninf)
Finding recombination hotspots in the turkey genome from linkage disequilibrium mapping based on whole-genome resequencing data 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens / John Bastiaansen
Conservation genomics of wild boar 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens
Assessment of risk of inbreeding depression in domesticated animal populations based on whole-genome re-sequencing data 24/36 Hendrik-Jan Megens
Genetic relation between fluctuations in milk production and disease in dairy cattle 36 Han Mulder