Lezingen tijdens City of Insects

Wageningen barstte bijna uit haar voegen van de verscheidenheid aan activiteiten tijdens Wageningen-City of Insects. Er waren onder andere verschillende lezingen.

Can bugs bring about social change?

While Wageningen becomes the City of Insects, Studium Generale (WUR), Lawickse Allee 13 (LA13) shares global dimensions of creepy crawlers. You are invited to attend this free evening lecture in English. For more information mail to info.sg@wur.nl or visit the Studium Generale Website www2.wau.nl/sg

20:00 Tuesday September 19th

Join Prof. Arnold van Huis (Entomology,WUR) in exploring the role of insects in social change and modern development. What contribution do insects make in shifting our perceptions of and approaches to poor farmers’ empowerment? From the “pesticide treadmill” to integrated pest management (IPM) and beyond, find out what approaches to insects can mean for technologies, experimentation, and farmer emancipation.

Everything you always wanted to know about 'how bugs do it'.....

Well, there is a good reason to be afraid. Insects and their kin are the pinnacle of sexual weirdness, employing a bewildering range of tricks, techniques, body parts and accessories to do what should be a relatively simple thing. Clearly they're not in it for the fun, so why all this reproductive exuberance? Join Menno Schilthuizen, (biologist) for an exclusive glimpse of the bug bedroom...

20:00hrs, Thursday September 21st

Muzikale Lezing

Een muzikale lezing olv Cees Mobach mmv Iris de Koomen en Mieke Doeschot (zang), Mark Toxopeus (piano).