Workshop 'Results market study Seed, Vegetables and potato Nigeria'

At the workshop on November 21, results will be presented of the market study conducted by Wageningen Economic Research on the vegetable, seed, and potato sectors in Nigeria. The study provides practical information of and insight into the existing systems, business opportunities and the environment related to the mentioned sectors. In addition to desk study and interviews, a field mission took place in Nigeria where three validation workshops were conducted in Jos, Kanu and Kaduna. Information and conclusions were enriched with and validated by the relevant stakeholder views and experiences. Also expectations and joint SWOT-analysis on the three sectors were gathered including recommendations and business opportunities.

Organised by Wageningen Economic Research

Thu 21 November 2019 15:30 to 17:00

Venue Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, Room 1, RVO Offices, Pr. Beatrixlaan 2, 2595 AL The Hague


The objective of the workshop on 21 November is to share and discuss the findings of the market study and to further explore business opportunities and potential partnerships. We believe the study and this workshop will be a rewarding opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the four-year programme focused on investing in Nigeria to improve its business climate through partnerships.

Background information

Nigeria is a new priority country for both the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. The MoFA has recently signed an MoU with the Nigerian government in which agricultural development and cooperation are central themes. 

The seed sector is identified as one of the focus sectors in the Multi Annual Country Strategy (MLS) of the EKN in Nigeria. The development of the seed sector directly contributes to SDG 2 (Zero hunger), 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 17 (Partnerships for the goals) and indirectly to SGD 4 (Quality education) and 5 (Gender equality).    

The intention of MoFA and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture is to develop a four-year integrated programme on vegetable, potato and seed sector development, concentrating in first instance on Kaduna and Kano. Seed sector interventions in the programme will be coordinated and implemented in close collaboration with SeedNL-a public private partnership of Plantum, MoFA and the Ministry of Agriculture, with involvement of knowledge institutes and NGOs.

The Wageningen Economic Research study and this workshop take place in the context of this collaboration between MoFa and the Nigerian government. 

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