Call for partners: Snackbar Chew on IT; Design to make the Healthy Choice the Happy Choice

The Snackbar “Chew on It” is a food chain innovation and implementation project in the form of a Foodtruck. Chew on It uses creative food design to develop healthy, sustainable (plant based) and good tasting hamburgers/snack foods. We test different types for positive food choice and intake effects across a broad spectrum of realistic consumption situations, at festivals, markets, and outdoor events for different cultural and socio-economic groups. We seek collaborations from food companies, caterers, schools, and outdoor event organizations including regular market places across the Netherlands.

Our food system needs to change, both from a health as well from a sustainability perspective. The common approach to change eating behavior is mostly focused on of foods and nutrients to limit; no meat, no chocolate, no sugar, no salt, no fat, no, no .... We seek a beneficial effect on the food environment from a positive perspective with the help of food design. We use the results of scientific eating behavior studies on the regulation of food intake that show that factors such as illusion, obstruction, and attention can help to reduce food intake without affecting the palatability/enjoyment.   

Positive approach to innovation

We will develop and design the Snackbar Chew on It, which will sell healthy, sustainable (plant based) and attractive hamburgers/snack foods. The hamburgers/snack foods will take on different forms structures so as to appeal for hungry and satiated consumers. We will monitor choice behavior across different contexts in a variety of environments. The Snackbar will travel across the Netherlands to a broad spectrum of locations that resemble different cultural and socio-economic environments, e.g. week-markets in different towns across the Netherlands. Partners will get opportunities to test new product innovations and will get insight in consumer responses. 

The budget for this proposal is estimated to be 200 – 250k Euro. The above described project is being developed for application to the TKI subsidy, a Dutch governmental program sponsoring applied research. Each project requires at least one Dutch company/foundation partner, but additional partners from abroad are welcome to join. Granted projects receive 50% subsidy funding. The other 50% is contributed by industry partners, of which up to half (25% of total) may be in-kind.

Aim is to have 3-4 industrial partners, next to the two foundation partners that already agreed to step. We strive for 30 € cash contribution of partners in 3 years (10 k€/year).

Unfortunately, we are not able to reply to solicitations from research institutes or enquiries from students related to this project.