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Oktober 2018: Food and feed safety: Cases and approaches to identify the responsible toxins and toxicants

Juli 2018: Is it possible to monitor livestock for feed- related impacts on animal health?

Mei 2018: The assessment of field trials in GMO research around the world and their possible integration in field trials for variety registration

April 2018: Toxicokinetics in Risk Evaluations

Maart 2018: Consumer-friendly food allergen detection: moving towards smartphone-based immunoassays

December 2017: Novel Selectivity-Based Forensic Toxicological Validation of a Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry Method for the Quantitative Determination of Eight Amphetamines in Whole Blood

November 2017: Expert opinions on the acceptance of alternative methods in food safety evaluations: Formulating recommendations to increase acceptance of non-animal methods for kinetics.

Juni 2017: Evaluation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method for rapid on-site detection of horse meat (2017)

Juni 2017: Semiautomated TaqMan PCR screening of GMO labelled samples for (unauthorised) GMOs

April 2017: Effective sampling strategy to detect food and feed contamination: Herbs and spices case

April 2017: Non-animal approaches for toxicokinetics in risk evaluations of food chemicals

April 2017: Application of Bayesian Networks in the development of herbs and spices sampling monitoring system

April 2017: A global inter-laboratory study to assess acquisition modes for multi-compound confirmatory analysis of veterinary drugs using liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole, time of flight and orbitrap mass spectrometry.

December 2016: The performance of atmospheric pressure gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry compared to gas chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry for the analysis of polychlorinated dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls in food and feed samples.

Augustus 2016: Validation of multivariate classification methods using analytical fingerprints – concept and case study on organic feed for laying hens

Juli 2016: Advances in DNA metabarcoding for food and wildlife forensic species identification

Juli 2016: A case study to determine the geographical origin of unknown GM papaya in routine food sample analysis, followed by identification of papaya events

Juni 2016: Public and private standards for dried culinary herbs and spices—Part II: Production and product standards for ensuring microbiological safety

Juni 2016: Nanomaterials for products and application in agriculture, feed and food

Januari 2016: Determination of Glyphosate Levels in Breast Milk Samples from Germany by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS

Februari 2016: Critical review of methods for risk ranking of food related hazards, based on risks for human health

Augustus 2015: Calling biomarkers using a protein microarray on your smartphone

Juli 2015 Potential health impact of environmentally released micro- and nanoplastics in the human food production chain: experiences from nanotoxicology

Mei 2015: Progress and future of in vitro models to study translocation of nanoparticles

Februari 2015: Discrimination of Polish unifloral honeys using overall PTR-MS and

Januari 2015: HPLC fingerprints combined with chemometrics

December 2014: State of the safety assessment and current use of nanomaterials in food and food production

November 2014: Safety aspects of genetically modified crops with abiotic stress tolerance

Juli 2014: Safety assessment of plant varieties using transcriptomics profiling and a one-class classifier

February 2014: Rapid detection of pesticides not amenable to multi-residue methods by flow injection–tandem mass spectrometry

February 2014: Plants with stacked genetically modified events: to assess or not to assess?

February 2014: Sub-chronic toxicity study in rats orally exposed to nanostructured silica

January 2014:Marine neurotoxins: State of the art, bottlenecks, and perspectives for mode of action based methods of detection in seafood

December 2013: Verification of fresh grass feeding, pasture grazing and organic farming by FTIR spectroscopy analysis of bovine milk

November 2013: Bioactivity screening and mass spectrometric confirmation for the detection of PPARδ agonists that increase type 1 muscle fibres

July 2013: The disposition of oxytetracycline to feathers after poultry treatment

September 2013: The disposition of oxytetracycline to feathers after poultry treatment

September 2013: Single-laboratory validation of a multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of coccidiostats in eggs and feed

Augustus 2013: Receptor-based high-throughput screening and identification of estrogens in dietary supplements using bioaffinity liquid-chromatography ion mobility mass spectrometry

Juli 2013: Toxicogenomics-based identification of mechanisms for direct immunotoxicity

Juli 2013: Authentication of geographical origin of palm oil by chromatographic fingerprinting of triacylglycerols and partial least square-discriminant analysis

Juni 2013: Colour-encoded paramagnetic microbead-based direct inhibition triplex flow cytometric immunoassay for ochratoxin A, fumonisins and zearalenone in cereals and cereal-based feed

Mei 2013: Estrogen Receptor–Mediated Effects of Isoflavone Supplementation Were Not Observed
in Whole-Genome Gene Expression Profiles of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in
Postmenopausal, Equol-Producing Women1–4

April 2013: Eggspectation: organic egg authentication method challenged with produce from ten different countries

Occurrence of Chloramphenicol in Crops through Natural Production by Bacteria in Soil

Maart 2013: The (Un)Certainty of Selectivity in Liquid Chromatography (American Society for Mass Spectrometry)

High-throughput bioaffinity mass spectrometry for screening and identification of designer anabolic steroids in dietary supplements.

Februari 2013: Multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay for serum biomarker profiling of recombinant bovine somatotropin (Analist)

Februari 2013: In Vitro Metabolism and Bioavailability Tests for Endocrine Active Substances: What is Needed Next for Regulatory Purposes?  >>> Best paper Altex 2013 <<<