MetAlign is software voor het voorbewerken en vergelijken van data verkregen uit LC- en GC massaspectrometrie. MetAlign is ontwikkeld door RIKILT in nauwe samenwerking met Plant Research International. De rest van de informatie over MetAlign is in het Engels.

MetAlign is a software programme for the pre-processing and comparison of full scan nominal or accurate mass LC-MS and GC-MS data.

MetAlign was designed and written by Arjen Lommen of RIKILT Wageningen University & Research. Recently the algorithms behind MetAlign were published in Analytical Chemistry. It has been extensively tested in collaboration with Plant Research International.

MetAlignTM is a powerful computer software tool running under Windows (W7 64 bit, W7 32 bit, XP, NT, 2000) for the analysis, alignment and comparison of full-scan Mass Spectrometry datasets.

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Yury Tikunov (  MSClust is a software tool for analysis of GCMS and LCMS datasets derived from untargeted profiling followed by ion-wise chromatogram alignment. MSClust performs unsupervised clustering and extraction of putative metabolite mass spectra from ion-wise chromatographic alignment data.

Download of MSClust.

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