IoF2020 - the Internet of Meat : towards applications of Internet of Things in the meat supply chain

Maselyne, Jarissa; Mertens, Kristof; Nuffel, Annelies Van; Scholten, Huub; Athanasiadis, Ioannis N.; Larrañaga, Mikel; Fernández, Izaskun


To enable all actors in the meat supply chain to monitor, manage and optimise their production process, Internet of Things applications create multiple opportunities. In the IoF2020 project (Internet of Food and Farm 2020), starting early 2017, 11 partners from five countries focus on large-scale implementations of IoT via three use cases in the meat supply chain: pig farm management, poultry chain monitoring and meat transparency and traceability. Farmer’s lack of accessibility to information to monitor their production on a continuous basis will be addressed by installing and integrating IoT sensors for environmental and animal monitoring. In addition, early warning systems will be developed, linking different data-streams to provide valuable feedback to the farmer, as well as information transfer to other stakeholders. Doing so, preventive or corrective actions for diseases, boar taint, bird mortality, feed waste, environment, etc. can be taken. Further, also EPCIS-based tracebility from farm to fork will be enabled, so that consumers receive reliable information on meat origin and quality. The current progress of these three use cases, as well as the planned developments will be presented. By addressing several technological and business challenges, as well as EU-wide dissemination, IoF2020 aims to contribute to the digital revolution in Smart Farming.