Biorefinery and chains

DLO programming strategic investment theme Metropolitan Solutions 2015-2019 The strategic investment theme Metropolitan Solutions has direct links with the strategic investment theme Resource Use Efficiency. This link is represented in pillar III of Metropolitan Solutions, called Resource Efficient Cities.

The aim of this pillar is to explore promising nature-based solutions for (re)use of materials and energy in city environments, achieving new stages in the scientific and practical field of urban metabolism, circular economy and sustainable energy. Resulting from this link we propose within FBR to connect these two strategic investment themes in the R&D program Biorefinery & Chains. The following project proposal is connected to OL2 of this R&D program and can be incorporated as a new research line, called MS1.R&D program Biorefinery & Chains Resource use Efficiency OL1 OL2 OL3 Metropolitan Solutions MS1.