Intro INNOVA is an international project aimed at the innovative application of climate services for climate adaptation in cities in European delta and coastal areas.

INNOVA combines social and economic, and technological and non-technological innovation and the development of technological and performance assessment for risk management and extreme risk response options. It intends to foster adaptive innovation while monitoring the performance, effectiveness and scalability of the INNOVA approaches, including post-implementation requirements and operational and organizational/governance needs. The project contributes to understanding the key role of climate services development models and performance monitoring, in enhancing innovation, uptake and replicability of climate services.

INNOVA is designed to build on proven innovation frameworks, called innovation hubs, connected across the project and to the wider world (Mediterranean, North European and islands; urban and peri-urban areas) through the various networks in which the hub-partners are involved. Hubs vary between the phase of early adaptation to climate change (Nijmegen) until starting to think about climate adaptation (Guadeloupe).