Due to the imminent growth of the world population, we will face a shortage of protein sources for human consumption in the near future.  For this reason, Horizon 2020 included the topic: Sustainable European bio-economy; bridging the gap between new technologies and their implementation on their research program. Food safety assessment is an important subject to address before new products can be brought to market, comprising the investigation of microbiological and toxicological hazards, next to the risk of food allergy.

From industry point of view, there is a need for a) relatively cheap and easy tools for screening for allergenicity of new or modified  food proteins b) early decision-making during product development and c) an improved risk assessment strategy accepted by regulatory authorities.

The new multi-disciplinary scientific network will improve strategies to predict allergenicity of novel proteins with out of the box ideas. This allows the transfer of scientific advances to European food companies to develop safe products, advice food safety authorities on better risk assessment strategies and change the public opinion on the safety of novel sustainable food.