Add Q1 Fairfok

At request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland has taken the lead for Fairfok. This plan is created with the responsibility of KNMvD, LICG, PVH, Dutch Dogs Protection, Dutch SPA, Utrecht University-Faculty of veterinary medicine, Wageningen UR, Foundation Rare breed, Has Den Bosch Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein, and Citaverde College. Fairfok has the ambition that per 2018 the dog breeding is an animal-friendly sector taking its responsible.

The Fairfok plan outlines the contours of a package of measures needed to achieve the ambition of Fairfok. Because Fairfok a transition process, the plan Fairfok next years will frequently be strengthened and adapted in the light of the results of the ongoing scientific research and new insights. In this way, the project will be constantly on the move and is a growth model for optimal and widely supported improvement. Every year, starting in late 2015, mid-term evaluation of Fairfok will be carried out. 

This project concerns the work of the programme officer who will be monitoring the progress of the Fairfok process, discuss it with stakeholders en facilitates the transition process.

At the end of november 2015 there was a meeting with the parties involved and they shared with each other what after one year Fairfok is reached.