Assessment Framework for investments in agriculture

The Dutch government funds agricultural projects and wishes that investments in agriculture contribute to a more food-secure world. However, these investments should be implemented without damaging the environment or people’s livelihoods.

Many of these investments will be made in developing countries with weak institutional governance frames that offer little guidance or reference in this respect. This highlights the need for a framework that allows for assessment of the ‘sustainability’ aspects of investments.

This brochure provides an easy-to-use framework to make a rapid assessment of agri-environmental sustainability issues associated to investments. It allows governmental grant advisers to i) capture the awareness of applicants regarding sustainability issues related to investments, ii) obtain an indication of potential risks and iii) assess whether risk mitigation measures are considered.

This brochure contains a comprehensive set of questions for each agri-environmental sustainability theme. Per theme, objectives and attention points for good performance are indicated. The questions allow grant advisors to derive a preliminary assessment of the impact for each theme, and also what is needed to generate a positive impact. All questions are introduced and recommendations for further reading are included.