Dit project dient als co-financiering voor het EU project RESCQ ( The projects ultimate goal is to restore Acropora palmata (Elkhorn) and A. cervicornis (Staghorn) reef zones that have almost disappeared from most islands in the Caribbean due to White Band Disease. These coral habitats are essential structures that have positive influences on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services. The project makes use of relatively new, yet simple and proven technology that is ready to be replicated, tested and perfected throughout the region. The project will also be used to stimulate local capacity and awareness in the six involved OCTs. Using this hands-on approach has proven to yield rapid results. New reef patches can easily be created that will kick-start the re­colonization of adjacent reef flats and hence jump-start coral reef recovery in areas in which unaided natural recovery would otherwise take decades. Local restoration organisations will be guided towards becoming self-sufficient in using this innovative approach.

Binnen dit project worden koralen opgekweekt en vermenigvuldigt in koraaltuinen. Door de koralen weer uit te zetten op het rif wordt gestreefd naar het uitbreiden van het koraalrif. Meer koraalrif betekent meer vis, betere golfbreking en betere kustbescherming. Binnen het project wordt ook veel aandacht besteed aan capacity building en outreach.