CSA Booster

Europe stands for the challenge to produce more food and biomass for the bio-economy, to adapt its agricultural sector to the negative consequences of climate change, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Climate-Smart Agriculture solutions improve agricultures productivity and economic growth, increase resilience, and help reduce GHG emissions from agricultural activities. The vision of the CSA Booster is that by  accelerating the adoption of CSA solutions in Europe and beyond, by removing barriers to adoption, the European agricultural sector will be able to substantially reduce GHG emissions, increase climate resilience and secure food production.  

The program Climate Smart Agriculture Booster contributes to the investment program New systems design; connecting land, sea & city, by developing services to increase the adoption of technologies and solutions for climate smart agriculture (CSA) into major food value chains in Europe and beyond. This will help to (re)design future and present farming systems as to become more resilient to and less contributing to climate change, while providing healthy economic and social rural environments in Europes regions. Such regions are vital to meet food demands in growing urban areas in Europe and export.