Climate Smart Agriculture Booster


Climate Smart Agriculture Booster

The vision of the CSA Booster is that by accelerating the adoption of CSA solutions in Europe and beyond, by removing barriers to adoption, the European agricultural sector will be able to substantially reduce GHG emissions, increase climate resilience and secure food production.

The aim of the CSA Booster is to facilitate transition of the European agro-food sector with CSA solutions. The focus is on farmers and cooperatives with core activities in Europe. The value chains of dairy products and perennial crop products are chosen in first instance based on their potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation, their economic relevance and the accessibility of networks and knowledge through the CSA Booster key partners.

Expected impacts include economic revenues and jobs in the food and feedstock value chains addressed by the CSA Booster, a reduction in GHG emissions in the target regions and a decrease in the loss of value in the value chains. Furthermore the CSA Booster will make matches for assessed CSA solutions, deploy available funding for CSA from financial policy instruments and investors, and will build networks with committed public and private actors in the target regions in Europe.