Closing the technocycle & circular houshould

There is a need to understand the logic of biomass supply (local and long distance), taking into account the technologies and governance models needed. Furthermore, the environmental consequences or trade-offs need to be considered for its sustainable supply. To identify these requires the development of integrated forward looking scenarios considering different aspects (technology, economy, environment, social) and levels (time, geography) with the aim to support society, policy makers and industry.

This project provides insights into sustainable lignocellulosic biomass supply for the circular bio-based economy with the international setting considering the local possibilities and traded lignocellulosic biomass. A scenario analysis tis executed to understand how much lignocellulosic biomass can be available in a sustainable way and where it can be utilized (energy, fuels, chemicals/polymers and materials) and how this can change over time. Case studies will provide insights from different supply and demand regions at local and global scale.