Coordination KB Metropolitan Solutions

The human population is urbanising at a tremendous rate. In 2050, 66% of the human population will live in cities. Currently 72% of the European population lives in urban areas.

Cities increasingly face challenges of sustainability and quality of life, challenges that put at risk resource and food security, mobility and logistics, water and waste management, health and wellbeing. On the other hand cities as administrative areas can also be part of the solution for these kind of problems and sources of innovation. New metropolitan solutions are needed.

The Metropolitan Solutions programma develops, tests and applies knowledge in cooperation with urban actors. It is active in the main Dutch cities and abroad in networks of cities, metropolitan areas and scientists. 

The programme works with companies, topsectors, NGOs, local, regional, national and international authoriies or working groups. Articulation of the demand is central in these contacts, in order to strengthen the demand driven research approach. (Science for Impact). At the same time the involvement with real life actors leads to cutting edge insights and research. (Impact for Science).