Development integrated aquaculture / horticulture Egypt

Summary 'Developing Integrated Aquaculture – Horticulture Systems with Brackish and Salt Water; workshop report':  a workshop about integrated aquaculture – horticulture systems using brackish and salt water was held May 13 & 14, 2013 at the farm ‘Rula for Land Reclamation’ of Wadi Food in Wadi El Natroun and at the Al Solaimaneyah Hotel (Cairo-Alexandria desert road, Egypt). 50 participants discussed various aspects of integrated aquaculture-horticulture in brackish and salt water. The result of this project's predecessor (BO-10-011-132 and BO-10-001-223) were presented. These results are described in the product of BO-10-001-223: "Development of  Integrated aquaculture – agriculture systems with brackish and salt water, Egypt, CDI report 13-004. 


Summary article 'Bustan Aquaponics: Egypt's first working commercial aquaponics farm':

Report about the farm 'Bustan Aquaponics', situated at the northern edge of Cairo. The owner, Mr Faris Farrag, applies the concept that was developed by Dr James Rakocy of the University of the Virgin Islands. In Bustan Aquaponics farm vegetables and fish are part of one integrated recirculation system. The vegetables benefit from the nutrients provided by the fish through a nitrification cycle that converts toxic ammonia from fish waste into nitrate, making the water suitable again for the fish and highly nutritious for the plants.