Development of actinobacterial chassis for the production of plant aromatics

This project aims to establisch bacterial platforms to make plant compounds, and open up new alleyways to produce valuable compounds from the plant kingdom. We will develop dedicated bacterial systems/chassis for specific compound categories (e.g. oils, amino-acids, etc), based on the natural capacity of the specific microbes. In the frst phase, the basic chassis for one compound category will be established and the working principle will be demonstrated.

Plants make many interesting compounds, e.g. pharmaceuticals or fragrances. However, they often produce these compounds in low amounts, and with a poorly predictable yield due to harvest, pest problems or climate problems. There are more robust ways to produce such plant-specific compounds in microbes, by integrating plant pathways in microbes. However, both the microbe and the plant pathway need to be adapted to each other. Synthetic biology is a very interesting new approach to achieve this by designer approaches.