GOV trials

The International Bottom Trawl survey is an internationally coordinated survey following the same manual for executing the survey in a consistent manner. The survey is listed as a mandatory survey under the current EU-MAP. However, in recent years it was realised that owing to omissions in the gear design manual, technical creep and country/ship specific adjustments none of the countries were fishing with the same gear. Next to that questions are raised to the IBTSWG to extend the survey range further north into areas that cant be fished with the current GOV-gear and some countries experienced difficulties buying new netting material following the manual as these materials are no longer used in commercial fisheries. To deal with this issue, the IBTSWG as proposed a way towards standardization, this included the development of a new kind of gear: simpler to handle, easier accessible materials and better suited for the larger area.

De IBTS ontwikkelt een nieuw tuig, dat getest gaat worden tijdens een Schotse survey. Dit project zorgt er voor dat de WMR tuigenexpert kan deelnemen tijdens deze Schotse tests en kennis kan ontwikkelen over het nieuwe tuig. Deze kennis zal gebruikt worden om een standpunt ten aanzien van dit tuig te verwoorden en om een advies gericht op hoe dit tuig in gebruik genomen zou kunnen gaan worden aan boord van de Tridens.