Green Biobased Economy in TO2

In the current era research has taken a new turn, where chain-wide approaches have become even more valuable. Expertise present at the different TO2 institutes can be combined in novel concepts and thus collaboration between the different TO2 institutes has become increasingly relevant. This is also the vision of the EZ ministry who has created stimulants to set up such collaborations.

A lot of efforts have gone into the identification of potential areas for collaborations between the more technological areas of DLO (mostly FBR) and other TO2 institutes, but little has been done in identifying such potential areas on the plant side, thus PRI/PPO. This project will focus on the identification of complementary (and common) expertise between PRI/PPO and other TO2 institutes that are relevant to the Biobased Circular Economy area.

The aim of this project is to explore the expertise present in TO2 institutes and combine them in new concepts that address the needs of a Biobased Economy. It will focus on creating opportunities for new collaborative projects and intensify the interaction between the different TO2 institutes and WUR, in particular identify areas of complementarity between Plant Sciences group and other TO2 institutes