Healthy Impacit dietary fats

Currently too little is known about the nutritional benefits of the different types of lipids. This goes especially for the new generations fats and lipids that more and more become available on the market. This project will deliver novel scientific insights on and a novel screening method for the nutritional and health potential of different types of new lipids. It will specifically look at lipid-structures that positively modulate the health response to dietary fats. The project results will support the food industry in more easily applying new generation sustainable and more healthy lipid compounds. It will help them in formulating and producing more healthy and sustainable food products.

The primary objective of this project is to deliver novel, scientific insights on the nutritional and health potential of different types of lipid structures, with a special focus on: 1) New, alternative lipid structures and the impact on (DHA) uptake and translocation 2) Modulating effects of different lipid structures on vitamin/mineral uptake

A second objective of the project is to develop an in vitro screening method tailored towards lipid digestion, absorption and effects on uptake/transport/secretion of fat and health-related molecules. In the future this new innovative method can be used for fast, evidence based, screening of new fats, oils and modulating compounds on potential health effects related to dietary lipids.