Inventarisatie monitoringsindicatoren biodiversiteit Caribisch Nederland

To fulfil the Netherlands' reporting obligations and be able to periodically evaluate overall biodiversity and the management thereof, some form of monitoring is essential. Existing monitoring programmes on the islands need to be enhanced to fullfill these requirements.

In recent years the MinEZ has invested in many studies in the Caribbean Netherlands to provide ecological baseline data. This has contributed to important advances in terms of biodiversity knowledge, policy and implementation (MinEZ 2014).

The Netherlands has reporting obligations, among others with respect to CITES, Ramsar, CMS, CBD, SPAW, IAC (Inter-American Convention for Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles), IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention). To fulfil these requirements and be able to periodically evaluate overall biodiversity goals which includes hundreds of endangered and endemic species, and the management thereof, some form of monitoring is essential (MinEZ 2010).

Local policy on and management of nature and biodiversity partially overlaps with the interests and obligations of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, but might be in need of evaluation and prioritization. Existing monitoring programmes on the islands cover only part of the Netherlands' obligations, while several existing protocols need to be reviewed. We propose to evaluate existing monitoring in view of (inter)national reporting obligations and local needs and limitations.


Report with advice on minimum set of indicators to meet the requirements of reporting obligations of the Netherlands, taking into account local needs and limitations;

Workshop with Dutch reporters tot the Convention on Biodiversity, and experts from the Netherlands;

Communications with broader group of experts, including local experts.