KD-2017-001 Overgangstermijn schrappen onbenutte visnetten


KD-2017-001 Overgangstermijn schrappen onbenutte visnetten

IJssellake fishing is positioned in a difficult and turbulent situation. Declining fish stocks and legislation makes fishing more complicated. Rights have been gained for licences and fishing gear, which now cannot (and may not) be used anymore. In the context of decreasing administrative burdens and redistribution of lots, insight in the costs of the redistribution is necessary.

Aim of this project is:

(a) insight in  loss of income, property and other effects for fishermen in case of cancelling the unused IJssellake fishing licenses and permits. Insight in effects for different groups of fishermen.

(b) Value of licenses and permits in case of a free market and trade of licenses, expropreation and other scenarios.